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in line with it making landfall, but there's a bit of discrepancy. some heading towards atlantic city, new york city, some towards the delmarva coast. 13 b delmarva. the storm is so wide the further south that comes in lund as we go through into early next week, the more concerns we have. i want to share your this map. it is a great job of showing you, that orange area the whole area of tropical storm force winds. if you are traveling, the southeast corridor is not where you want to be traveling. up to the midwest is just called. we will break it down and what to expect. >> thank you. people and hurricane zones prepare for the worst and hope for the best. your seeing evidence of that already as folks are trying to stock up. with what is being done to prepare their, john gonzalez. >> talk of potential record flooding in alexandria they become very nervous. it and put on the sand bags and move the furniture. there's a man securing his vote. there's only so much you can do. today the potomac river looks column but that can change drastically in a few days. sandy doesn't seem to be losing much
. this is a time lapse from ocean city, maryland. look at the end of that pierre. . that is about 100 feet appear that was wiped out. of pier wiped out. we see 35-mile per hour wind gusts. here is a time line -- 30-50 hour gusts are expected then 45-55 6:00 midnight and by tomorrow 50-70g, we will see the per mile power wins. ds. talk about other aspects of sandy coming up in a little bit. you can still find us online you could also use your mobile phone. we will be applied streaming. as you mentioned, the maryland line is really taking a pounding. has beener ocean city by waves. brianne carter has more. we know the waves have been oming in tyrian >> we are starting to see some damage. we are seeing sheets of from these sections along the boardwalk. down here andng debris scattered the boardwalk. the big concern is flooding and is exactly what we have seen throughout the morning. they put up these steel barriers entrance points to the water out as the possible but it did not work out. an hour or so ago, there was it looked more like a river here. we took some pictures of the pi er that
've been through hurricanes and never seen anything like this >> . new york city taxicabs submerged in the floodwaters. of the boardwalk in atlantic city in ruins. anthe new jersey shore, park collapse into the ocean. it.e will rebuild but it won't be the same. >> in new york, the city will spend the next several days pumping out flooded subway tunnels. in breezy point, new york, a cops,orhood filled with firemen, and blue-collar morers, a fire destroyed homes.0 >> the kitchen tile and the bathroom tile, that's about all. >> the cause is not known. today, of an attempt to return to normal, as mayor bloomberg bell of the new exchange and normal trading resumed. rang the bell. and new york's acordia airport is still flooded and will not accept like any time soon -- laguardia. and tourists have returned, taking pictures next to the , reporting from lower manhattan. storm continuing to cause problems in our area. happened early this morning in northwest. crews had to deal with a small electrical fire while trying to the power back on. no one injured. >> crews are doing a great job resto
want to over -- we want to brandy, covering the in new york city. >> good afternoon. super storms and the lived up to all the warning. at least 18 people have been according to the press.ted 8 million are without power. sandy is leaving behind a path of death, darkness, and flooding as it moves inland. my gosh, there is no wall. it lost hurricane status on it made landfall winds, bute per hour still had enough strength to manhattan with a record storm surged, pushing the n to a staten island street. new york city subways are also wonder several feet of water. >> our resources are ready to clean this up. a crane collapsed and is 0 stories above8 the street. a major hospital was evacuated backup generator sale. more than 50 homes were destroyed when two fires sparked in rockaway. >> there was a boat with us, we in in the boat and got there. firefighters rescued dozens e trapped using that boat. in new jersey family's retract in their flooded homes. >> we're trying to save as many lives as it is possible to save. snow is falling in multiple states. and millions are now without power
is the ad. these posters and ads caused controversy in new york city a few weeks ago. now they are in the district. metro bought them fearing they would spark violence. judges ruled in favor of them for freedom of speech. they will be going up in four metro stations. riders what by dozens of ads on a daily basis. many support causes like education and aids awareness. some tell us this is not any different. >> i guess it is ok. >> others feel otherwise. >> i feel like if people are violent overseas they may get violent year. i think they should not put it up. >> she is referring to the recent youtube video that caused violent and of the protests across the middle east. the organization behind these ads says they are not trying to promote violence. some riders helped the group is prepared for backlash just like a maker of the youtube them. >> it goes along the same lines. >> the judge ruled metro officials must put the ads up by 5:00 this evening. metro officials tell us they will comply with the judge's orders. >> it was a cold start to the moment after the big chill came i
the city what they spent after they estimate the city make $500,000 per game on revenue from hotel and restaurant taxes. >> despite the win for the nationals, one of the big in the form of a teddy finally winning the mascot race. big win, and as i found out, teddy still celebrating. >> what might be the longest streak in all of sports a end right here. finally got it done. -- and end right here. got it done. what were you thinking when he finally got it done? >> it like a grand celebration. much does this mean to the team and the fans? they started chanting his over and over. last time they started -- they did that? everybody wanted it, and teddy get his was going to together and give it to .im >> they rallied for this guy. when you saw all of these people cheering, it had to moment, and a great you, too? >> you got a thrill out of that? he was ready to do it. >> the big question is will it continue down? he is the only one that can question. in october.possible >> can you pull another one out you one and done? that looks like a man with confidence. congratulations. best wishes in
. for that returned to crystal city with more on how fans are reacting. >> do not worry, they have it here at crystal city sports club. like i was saying, we have northern virginia as well. there is that feeling that baseball is back in washington and for the first time in a long time we have playoff baseball here in the capital. >> this is the first time since the early 1930's. it was very exciting with the capitals having something to cheer about. >> we are hoping that this is another win. what are you hoping for out of today's game? >> something exciting. it has been a long time since we've had a reason to be excited about baseball. we have a lot of excited fans. without it, i do not know what happened. >> out here, i have to tell you that they have what they call a nattitude shooter. some of these fans coming in on their lunch break they can head down to the park. >> still on the clock? >> we expect you to behave throughout the rest of the show. it is getting better and better outside. warmer than what it was earlier. >> right here we have the center field entrance. it is a transient area quite o
effects. helde residents independent investigations and brought evidence to city leaders of potential health risks. >> we had to keep pushing. science is the basis of everything. the 482 megawatt coal-fired facility owners say that the today is lesse about pollution control and more change in price for what happens now with this prime waterfront property currently owned by pepco -- >> it's an opportunity to have something exciting to happen in of mixed use development. now 15th thousand tons of begins. 15,000 tons. most of the employees have been or retired. six are still looking for work. >> jacqui jeras has a look at forecast. >> we started out really foggy northwest of the metro area this morning. here's an awesome time lapse i from oakdaleyou look at the that shallow layer to awhich gave way beautiful sunny conditions. we goill change as throughout the day. clouds mostly on the increase. inyou can see them pushing from the south. that will bring a chance of rain. heavy rain across the tennessee river valley as well as parts of south.p that system will be with
with reoccurring bladder infections. and a viral video that accosted them their job. the city council has vowed to rehire the workers. there were let go after state initially determined was a misuse of city property. sparked an outcry that was get the decision reconsidered. and reminder students to books.library could cost you more than cash. for one full orchestra and it trip to homecoming. the book had no stamped return date. upset she calledf the principal. she did not care. she asked me what a great issue is and i said a freshman, she always next year. >> she had a zero balance and declined to participate in extra activities. homecomingg to go to next year. ahead, jacqui jeras is scott pelley: "you made on yourt paid 14% in federal taxes, is that fair to ththe guy higher rate than you did? romney: "yeah, encourage economic growth." us. is that the way to grow america? ethis message. maryland schools are number one in america because we invest in them. but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states. question 7 keeps tha
started the sun came up, talking with commuters. officers even got on city buses. his mother felt the need to be here with police as well. community,from the the resident groups, anybody us resources for .hat happened to my son theore than a month since student was gunned down while walking to class. arrests -- no arrests, but police believe there could be a link. >> there was a robbery nearby that we think could be connected. they are hoping somebody something or has seen .omething suspicious here they also need a robbery victim forward. somebody out here knows something. probably in their state of mind, do not want to come .orward you let him go, there will be another murder. we do not one that. please delete it is essential this type of search spot where the killed and around same time. there is currently a $25,000 anybody with leads to anthat arrest. >> also new this noon, we are hearing from the garden that shooting at the family council in washington. the first time we have d.ard from that guar >> quite a number of people were the mayor's ceremonial room remember and honor a n -- he
in in oakland.ty the variable clouds today and of 95ne mainly west today. in kansas city, 50 in minneapolis, 51 in billings, 57 boston and 57 in raleigh. we will talk about the nationals 3, coming up. a community still trying to the death of with woodson high school senior bryan glenn. volunteers discover the 17-year-old's body just off popular trail in thaiss park a week after he went missing. search crews gathered yesterday g to canvas the park. a team of adults found the body. is family confirms it is him. spoke with said their family.o out to the >> he is so young and i still cannot believe it. sad.very >> fairfax county police say had looked in the found butwhere he was body in the see the woods. in a statement its parent bank the community, saying their hearts have been touched forever. >> a man is dead after a fight with montgomery county police that involved pepper spray. t happened monday night on shop place in clarksburg. used pepper spray to subdue a 29-year-old nathan jones after he exhibited violence and erratic behavior. he lost consciousness and died at a hospital. >> in honor of
hours set into those cities. -- into acordia airport. mostly cloudy tonight with maybe a sprinkle in our area. more on that coming up later. big changes in the seven-day forecast. >> a developing story from fairfax county. another young person has been fondled. they believe the san suspect is responsible for four attacks. parents have been warned about a suspicious man following a student home from springfield high school -- west springfield high school. >> i'm very surprised. >> fairfax county police investigating a fourth fondling case in west springfield. after 7:00 last evening a 15- year-old girl walking was suddenly approached by a man and was grabbed from behind. the same deal as three prior incidents in the past few weeks in the same section of the county. >> it's dark when i go to the bus stop in the morning. >> students are talking about the crime. a separate incident was reported monday night. she told police she was driving home from west springfield high school when she noticed a suspicious man followed her all the way home and tried to approach her, but she was able to run
after the game, thanking bataan's and the city for the support. >> my dad said to keep doing what i am doing. he's proud of me. i would not be here without my mom and dad and my family. >> it was a downer at nationals park. 300 local middle school kids are supposed to have a baseball clinic here with ryan zimmerman but it was canceled because of the weather. we hope that the the weather will not cancel tonight's game. two games left and then the playoffs. >> at least the younkersyoungsters have a playoff team to root for. today on the campaign trail, the running mates are carrying the load while obama and romney prepare for tomorrow night's debate. there is a tall hall at the clinton county courthouse where paul ryan will appear in burlington. ann romney will appear in colorado in a little while. vice-president biden will take the stage at an event surely in charlotte. it's the first of his two plans stops in north carolina today. michelle obama has a speaking appearance in cincinnati. early voting started in ohio this morning. more shots fired in maryland. protesters urging people to
.c. mayor vincent gray talked the city's preparations morning >> . we think we will be well prepared for this. with the improvement in meteorology, we have a better of being able to guess are likely torios be. another flood prone region, alexandria, people are watching and waiting to see what it could bring. >> where else like go? i cannot afford to buy another house. >> the path of sandy is still unclear. people say and they will take as precautions as necessary, regardless. it's currently on its way to the bahamas. >> where it will hit remains unclear. hasorologist jacqui jeras working on the latest models and joins us with what she's finding out. we have seen more of a consensus of a turn towards the west. more ominous and the d.c. metro area and parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. latest forecast from the national hurricane center. look at the cone of uncertainty. from virginiaody boston in jeopardy. i think no matter how you slice it, this is a big storm and we strong winds and heavy rain and some coastal flooding. this is a category 2 storm. it is now over the open waters
. flying out of our york city or philadelphia, there are delays. call ahead. 73 degrees at 5:00 and the be ending late tonight. the seven-day forecast in a moment. back to you. >> thank you. story,ing a developing firefighters in manassas now say 80 store units were damaged or in a fire that started on sudley road. was hurt, but working tors are out how the huge fire got started. >> prince george's county investigating the fire in upper marlboro. fire broke out add a home on peachleaf. the woman later died. investigators believe the fire accidental and expect to identityhe victim's later today. two virginia veterinarians g in montana. disappeared in glacier national park. rescuers are in a race against the clock. brianne carter has more. >> 32-year-old neal peckens is be and his gn office , but the animal missingisk is still hiking trip last week >> . he's very caring and compassionate. >> and his friend jason been at thed park in montana. supposed to fly back on friday but never made the flight. both men are very smart. colleagues and friends are g for. their safe for >> we
, everyone agrees the city has found a cash cow >> time the light goes off, it is not made. >> it is the new or speed cameras that are raking in the dough. the ones onto i-95 account for than 1/4 of police revenues year, $84 million. i learned my lesson. it appears everyone who drives a new york avenue has with a fine print , when, hass collected $11 million and speeding fines. >> this year i have had seven tickets, $125 apiece. they say this is targeting virginia drivers d cameras haven't on highways near the maryland border. thoroughfaremajor to come in.owners e argue the speed limits are too slow. you look at where the speed cameras are, is for commuters coming into d.c. and of dc on the major arteries. >> if you are keeping score at , the two on 295 and the one york avenue or the top three speed cameras. d.c. police said like it or there have been 16 deadly year in thes this to 28 last year. montgomery county on the scene of leak in gaithersburg. here.pened there was a road closure and the evacuation for businesses. washington gas crews are working control the flow. no word on how long i
. a similar ban was just improved approved by the board of york city.ew soda pops will no longer be sold 16 ounces in movie pewters and restaurants. convenience stores are exempt. >> it keeps me going. >> council member mary cheh of passing a short soada a couple years ago on soda. vincent orange chose not to talk about it today. give consumers as much information as possible. >> we have an obesity epidemic. several others including the mayor said they would be on .oard even though this d.c. resident hit the gym every morning and m soda, he has an issue with the government drink. us what to the government does not need to regulate everything. >> you can refill this for free. even though a number of d.c. members are in favor of , there's currently no official consideration for legislation. -- in favor of the ban,. >> counsel holding a hearing that wouldn a bill car is on thess streets of the district. google is developing a fleet of autonomous vehicles. three states have legalized them. nevada, florida, and california. we will see if we hear from d.c. today. another stretch of unusual weathe
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